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Life: one "seemingly" random event after another


Hi folks! My name is Angie. 

I am happy you decided to stop by.

Welcome to where I share on topics such as motherhood, homeschool, faith, products that I love, and any other random thing that pops into my head. I am not afraid of hard-hitting topics, but I am just as fond of the humorous ones. You will probably not agree with everything you read here, so let's agree to disagree and still be friends. 


Once upon a time, I was a Forensic Scientist working in a DNA lab. I may not be using my science degrees in an obvious sense now as a SAHM/Homeschool mom, but my past profession has given me many things I can apply to my new life... such as looking at the evidence to figure out who broke the lamp ;)


I would say the best skill my job as a scientist gave me is the ability to observe data and present results objectively. My researcher's heart enjoys reading about topics, experiencing things first hand and trying out products, sometimes to my husband's dismay. This blog is where I share my "results."  Follow along as we discover this thing called life out together. 


I love to engage with my readers, so please leave comments and subscribe.






The Name:

Life might sometimes feel like someone dumped out a jigsaw puzzle and threw away the box. Random little pieces everywhere with no clue how they fit together. In the end, we will see the beautiful picture our lives create; we just need to have faith and keep going.



 Read Why I Finally Started My Blog for more details on how this blog came to be.

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