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Winter finds for kids - hiking, sledding, skin care

Adjusting to our new lifestyle in Colorado means finding good winter gear for the kids. Here are some items that we have been enjoying and that I recommend. All the images are links along with the links in pink.


Snow boots

There is nothing worse then wearing the wrong shoes in the snow. It can mean the difference between a fun time outside and one cut short due to wet, cold socks and feet.

These boots are highly rated on amazon and my boys love them. Very easy to put on and take off. Find them here

Snow pants

Snow pants are a must if you have kiddos that love to play in the snow. These pants are water proof and keep them comfortable, dry and warm. You can find them here

Mittens and gloves

Keeping your hands warm and dry are a must when playing outside in the snow. Here are my recommendations for mittens and gloves.

Base layer

Layer up without the bulk! These base layers are thing and super comfy! These are so soft my boys love to sleep in them too and never mind wearing them under their clothes. Find them here

Face and head protection

When staying warm, it is important to cover your head and on super cold days even your face! Here are my recommendations for a beanie and balaclava.

(this beanie has over 38,000 review - 5 stars)

Fun in the snow


Have hours of fun in the snow with this two seater bobsled. This is a functional steering wheel that will steer the sled. The front of the sled has a retractable pull too! Find it here

There are many color options.


This is a fun shooter with lights and handle. It is a great intro if your child is interested in snowboarding. Find it here

Safety helmet

This stylish children's helmet is great for playing outdoors including going skiing and snowboarding. You can find it here

Eye safety

Speaking of safety, these children's goggles are so stylish for outside play too! Find them here

The lenses come in many colors

Snowball maker

Have you ever wanted to make a perfect round snowball? Now you can with these snowball makers. A pack includes 4! Find them here



A good pair of water resistant hiking boot is a must. The tough soles are made for the rocky uneven grounds. The water resistant material will keep socks and feet dry and warm. Here is our pick for hiking boots.


Socks can make a huge difference in comfort. These socks are thick and soft. They will keep your child's feet warm and comfortable on long hikes or hours playing outdoors. They come in a six pack. Find them here!


Hiking with kids means packing snacks, water and more snacks. These super light weight backpacks have been a great addition to our hiking. The boys have place to hold their things without adding more weight to them. They have place to put their gloves and beanies when they get hot and they can carry their own water!! We love these backpacks!

Water bottle

Water is a must when hiking, going to the park and playing outside. These Camelbak water bottles serve double function because they are also bike bottles that will fit on your bicycle. They have and on and off mouth peace that will avoid spills. These fit perfectly on the backpack side pocket from above. Here they are.

Skin care

Face cream

Between the dry air and altitude in Colorado, skin and lips can become very dry. This face lotion is gentle and effective. Made specially for children; parabens free, unscented, 97% natural ingredients and vegan. This moisturizer is for all skin types. Find it here.


This chapstick was a life saver when the kids were first exposed to the cold. Their lips were red and they hurt. This chapstick comes with us anytime we are hiking in winter. It is smooth and works fast! The boys love it. Find it here !

Hand cream

Hands, just like lips can become very dry. This hand cream is great to put on every night to help repair any patchy or red skin. It is a must at our house. Find it here!

That rounds-off our list of things that we are loving during this winter. Not having the right equipment can really put a spoiler on plans. I hope this helps make your decision making a little easier. There are so many options for all the things listed above, but at least you know these have been used and loved by a mom.

Get our there and have fun in the winter!!

Until next time,



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