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Why I finally started my blog!

Writing has always been a thing I do, undercover for me, in journals and diaries. Never has it been a public offering… until now. My writing tends to have an informative, older sister type of vibe. As the oldest of four, I always felt a responsibility to share my learned experiences with my younger siblings. A blog seemed to be the next natural step. A place I can share text, pictures, and videos all in one.

The idea of a blog came this past year as I adjusted to my new life. It has been a year since I quit my job as a Forensic Scientist to homeschool my two sons. The experience has been one for the books for sure. Going from full-time working mom to full-time homeschool mom takes some transitioning. Finding a new normal is a process that cannot be rushed. One thing I miss about working is having a forum to share. I came from having biweekly meetings where we had the opportunity to share our experiences, difficulties, and offer improvements in the lab. Sharing comes naturally for me (must be an older sister thing), this blog offers me the chance to share what is working, what is not, and discussing things openly.

I hope that All the Randomness offers you and me the opportunity for discussion. Here I will share my experiences of motherhood, homeschool, faith, reviews on products, and life. You may not agree with everything you read on this blog, and that’s ok. Reading things that challenge our way of thinking and our perspective is the way we grow the most. And if nothing else, it keeps things interesting.

My promise to you is to write posts from the heart and recommend products that have my stamp of approval! I hope this blog can bless you with information, entertainment, and challenge you at times too. Life is a constant learning process, so follow me along in All the Randomness as I try to figure this all out.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Please leave a comment below this or any other post if you enjoy what you read. Questions are always welcome.

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