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Our years top family board games

One thing our family loves to do is to play board games. We sit either at the kitchen table or the family room floor. We patiently sit as someone reads the instructions of a new game, waiting in anticipation. It is a great way to have some major bonding time.

My boys are very close in age (6 and 7) and sometimes get very competitive with each other. Family game night allows them to get some competitive energy out in a safe place, with mom and dad there to play referee.

We don’t have a set game night in our household, they seem to happen naturally during the week. My boys will play games with each other by themselves too, like Guess who?

Here are our year’s top family games:

-All these pictures are links

Adventure Games:


Strategy games:


Just fun:


The classics:


Hope this inspires you with some new ideas. We are always looking for fun games, comment if you have any suggestions!



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