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A New Adventure! Moving the family from Florida to Colorado

This was written during our cross country RV trip. The RV carried our family including our two dogs, two guinea pigs and two bunnies, a ficus tree and a plant.

How does one decide to uproot their family and move cross country? I guess the idea of it started way before we even realized.

There are times when life gives you an opportunity for change. It does not force you or make you accept. It’s an offering of a hand, if you will. The opportunity just lingering in space in front of you.

Will you accept the chance?

Some do without hesitation. They are HERE. FOR. IT. Always seeking out the next chapter. Life is anything but constant. That is definitely not us.

Some could never. Just the thought of it is paralyzing. Their home, family and comfort of familiarity is not worth leaving. This is not us either.

So who are we?

My husband and I are list makers, pro and con considerers. Researchers to the max, both first born children that need to have it all under control at all times. BUT with just enough crazy to move our family cross country from Florida to Colorado. We took life by the hand and accepted a change, an adventure, an opportunity to grow. It wasn’t without hesitation but it also was without unwillingness. It is really something to make such a drastic change without really needing to. Not because of a job or family or any other reason people choose to move. But just for us, for taking a chance and living by faith.

As much as we say we don’t need to move, in the end it’s exactly what we need to do. This move was placed in our hearts many years ago, without us knowing. We decided to homeschool our sons because we realized we wanted different for our family. In the midst, God was quietly cultivating this desire in our hearts. One step of faith led to others and now here I am. Sitting next to my husband in the RV as he waves goodbye to all things Florida from the Turnpike; our hometown, our family and church, our sunny beaches and Mickey Mouse.

So as my planter by the window says, we are living on a prayer. Leaving what we know to follow the One who matters most.

“For a man plans his path But the Lord directs his steps” (Proverbs 16:9)

Till next time, Angie



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